Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Superfreak! Superfreak! She's Super Freaky!

Ringmasters! Why pay for medical benefits for seven circus freaks when you can get by with one? I give you Polly Purgegut, the ultimate circus freak. Here's a list of the freak categories she'll cover when sitting in your sideshow tent:

1. Strongest Woman Alive
2. Tattooed Wonder
3. Werewolf
4. Bearded Lady
5. Mermaid
6. Unicorn
7. Cyclops/Tri-Clops

And when it comes time to pay her, never fear! Polly's also a certified accountant!


Joe Fowler said...

I "perged" my "gut", that's for sure.

Peter said...

WOW! What a monstrosity! I especially loved looking at it and thinking "Wow, what a crazy-looking freak guy..." Then reading that it was a SHE.

I laughed. Good one!

Ken Chandler said...

What a woman! Does she date? Nevermind, I'm married. But if I weren't... Hubba hubba! Talk about well rounded.

I believe too, Adrian, that there's an 8th category: Land-bound Narwhale (the mermaid/unicorn elements combined). Perhaps I'm stretching it. You've really gone the extra mile with this one Adrian. Absolutely marvelous!

S.T. Lewis said...

At first I thought this was a self-portrait... then I noticed the ear piercings.

Marvelous, Adrian. This hideous beast is quite lovely, in a "circus freak" kind of way. It's a grab bag of disgustingness. Hooray!

Brandon said...

I would say there is a strong resemblence between her and Brittney Spears. Especially the last interveiw she did with Matt Lauer. Definetly freaky!!!
Love the colors and detail. Good job A.

Ken Chandler said...

On second thought, I don't think I could get past the beard. Freaky!
You crack me up Adrian, great work!

Seth Hippen said...

She's a looker! You didn't mention that she's from Kentucky, but I can tell. I love her tiny hands and purty hair. Funny, funny!