Monday, January 22, 2007

New Topic: I Have a Bad Feeling About This...

Howdy, Toon Clubbers. Hope life isn't harshin' your grooves too much. Remember that you still have all of Monday to finish up a duck drawing if you're able, then it's on to the next topic.

Which is.......


Here's some news items I wanted to pass on while I have your attention:

1. We're gonna start a new method of listing our blog links this week. From now on, the people with the most active posting will be listed first. So if you've fallen behind a bit in posting, there's a little incentive to help you along. The research that we get from our tracking bar indicates that links higher on the page receive more clicks. We may even offer a "Platinum" listing this spring to those who post 50 times or more.

2. Also, I'm putting the call out for a Toon Club logo and banner. This would be something we can all put on our blogs. If you've got any ideas, work them up and then email them to me. When we have a few options I'll post them and we can vote.

3. If you haven't been to other Toon Clubbers' blogs lately, I encourage you to go there and leave some feedback. Let's see if we can't pump up the number of posts per topic using a little camaraderie.

4. Lastly, thank you for supporting this blog. When we started it nearly a year ago, we were hoping that it might be a place where some like-minded folks with varied styles and experiences could come together to make something great. Over 300 drawings later and still kicking, I think you have all accomplished that. Please continue to participate, leave comments, and give us feedback on ways you think Toon Club can improve. In the end, it will fail or succeed on our united efforts.

Have a Great Day!

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