Monday, July 02, 2007

New Topic: Neverending Story

Great stuff, gang!

This week's topic is "Neverending Story"!

Feedback for Harry Potter goes here.


S.T. Lewis said...

Good week of stuff... too bad there wasn't more. I was excited to see what Joe, Nathan, Bryan, and the rest of you were going to come up with. A dirty shame... that's what it is.

My favorite for the week was Adrian's. Really solid design and lighting in that one. Fine work, Adrian... and everyone else too.

Nathan Lindsay said...

ok, I vote for Byran's Grinch. amazing work.

...oh! THIS week's topic!

Mark's captain cave man. It was the greateast idea possible.

B Beach said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I was really wanting to participate in this topic but got stuck with a bunch of house projects over the weekend. I'm not too hip on The Never Ending Story (it never does end, ya know) so maybe I'll do a Harry Potter for this week...maybe.

Shane's was my favorite, with Adrian's special FX as a close second.

B Beach said...

What happened to "Harry goes to college?"

Ailene said...

I have to really laugh at Shane Lewis's Harry Potter sketch. I think it is so hilarious! Harry looks so disgruntled... couldn't he use magic to cook that burger?

I LOVED Mark Swan's Hairy Potter. Now, whenever people talk about Harry Potter... I think of Mark's Hairy Potter and I just have to laugh.