Monday, October 22, 2007

New Topic: Werewolves

Despite the likelihood that everyone's burning out on Halloween drawings, this week's topic is WEREWOLVES. Last Halloween topic for the year... we promise. Anyone who hasn't posted a drawing in a few weeks has a fairly easy opportunity to work the last few topics into a single Halloween group shot.


Nathan Lindsay said...

sarah's pistachio pretty with the fun hair and the crazy eyes. That's my pick of the week.

...also, maybe to encourage more participation here are some future topic suggestions:

1. one curvy line
2. several slashy sorts of lines
3. post your name
4. the color white

Blogerts said...

I agree. Sarah's is very cool. That's my pick as well.

ailene said...

I really liked Sarah's post this week too! Another vote for her!

S.T. Lewis said...

Sarah's was beautiful, and Seth's is Seth's which is always good, but I'm going to have to choose Nathan's as my favorite for the week. I love the concept... and it's awful. Nice work, everyone.