Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupid, draw back your bow...

Well, what do you know! I still have access to Toon Club. See you next Halloween, fellas!


S.T. Lewis said...

This is great, Seth! I love it... especially that chunky little smiley face. Excellent design of everything from the hair to the careful placement of the ribbon. Very nice!

Nathan Lindsay said...

HA! -on so many levels, HA.

Level 1. You finished a drawing?
Level 2. you posted something?
Level 3. you already planning your next piece...albeit 8 months from now.
Level 4. how's your new job?
oh, Level 5. I really like this.

Ken Chandler said...

You can always tell an excellent marksman by how he shuts his eyes just before the release. He's awesome Seth, right down to his chubby fingers.

Heather Dixon said...

Aw, he looks so happy!