Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mythological Jug Band

It's been far too since I posted something here... but then finally another topic worked with jug bands.


Adrian Ropp said...

Hahaha! This turned out great! The sparkle hair and rainbows are a nice touch.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Things that Nathan Loves:

1. Multiple rainbows traversing the countryside like neapolitin slinkies.
2. Griffons that take their banjo music seriously.
3. That flying pigs have become incorporated into mythology.
4. Whatever Shane Lewis draws.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Wait... A Christmas Carol jugband woulda been AWESOME!

Ken Chandler said...

Girl's 5-8 years old the world over are making this their iPhone wallpaper. And as soon as I can afford one it will be mine too.

Really superb!

Heather Dixon said...

The rainbows make me so, so happy