Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dracula and the Undead Billy the Kid

In researching the last subject I came upon the Dracula v. Billy the Kid,, I thought it would be cool to have Billy kill the Vampire with a silver bullet. But when I missed the deadline I decided to have Billy the Kid be undead. To make matters more complicated, silver bullets kill werewolves not vampires, So what's a undead gunslinger going up against an equally undead monster going to do with a silver bullet?


Seth Hippen said...

Wow, you've combined at least 3 topics into one! That's gotta be the record so far. I also like it when you reference your research for us. What a crazy concept you've got there. I like Dracula; his hand feels very Warner Bros. to me. The wall-eyed undead Billy is great too. It's hard to go wrong with wall-eyes.

Ken Chandler said...

Great combo Chad! The costuming is dead-on, pardon the pun. The dog chewing on Billy's leg bone is a nice touch.