Friday, May 11, 2007


My favorite character from The Land Before Time was Chaka. He always creeped me ou-

What? Chaka's from what? Land of the- oh come on! I wasted a whole week on this?! Oh well, it was a cool show too.

You know what else was a cool show? Tremors. Kevin Bacon was so funny! "We think ahead, that way we don't have to do anything." Hahahahaha! Man, that's great. Hey! You ever play that game where you think of how many actors it takes to link up with-



B Beach said...

You know what I always thought was weird, Kevin Bacon has pig nose and his last name is BACON! Now THAT'S creepy, and this drawing of Chaka looks kinda like Kevin Bacon! I think my brain just exploded!

Ken Chandler said...

Chaka looks like he's moon walking. Sweet! He was WAY ahead of his time. Funny picture Joe! Tremors is awesome too!

Nathan Lindsay said...

you know what is really crackin me up looking at this? earlier today I apparently had the exact same idea as you -to the point of looking up reference of Chaka and wondering if I wanted to actually spend time drawing such a creepy character.

Now, after your post I am very grateful that I didn't and I'm also grateful that my memory of that show is no less than a billion times better than that show actually was.

Adrian Ropp said...

One of your greatest achievements in caricature, sir. Ah, memories. You oughta draw a Sleezak and make bookends of these two!

Thanks for the laugh!

S.T. Lewis said...

Very nice, Joe... and I love your written summary just as much. I didn't see the "beep" coming at all. Classic!