Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Topic

Looks like Memorial Day took a hit on Toon Club, but let's move right along anyway. The next topic shall be... "I.T. Guy"!

Feedback for Mobsters goes here.


S.T. Lewis said...

I'm going to have to choose Nathan's lobster as my favorite for the week. It may not be the topic, but for a guy as bright as Nathan, it's darn close. The lobster's texture is excellent, and so is the taste. Fine work, everyone.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I pick Bryan's SammyDavisJr.

I pick Adrian's mobster proportions and descriptions.

I pick Shane's Bear's right hand holding the gun...not the gun itself -just the hand.

I pick Sarah's bold defiance in posting last week's topic this week.

and I pick Joe who is as entertaining in person as he is in every movie I've ever seen of him.

Joe Fowler said...

Best comment I've recieved for not drawing a thing!