Saturday, July 01, 2006

Flag Etiquette

At the Memorial Day Parade here in Honesdale,PA I was surprised at how few people knew proper parade flag etiquette. Thus inspiring my two weeks in one post.


Ken Chandler said...

Nicely done Chad! And I agree, we ought to give more respect to the flag, it represents our freedom and the sacrifices our forefathers made so that we could be have the freedoms we enjoy today.

My hats off to you too, Chad. Great sketch, and a good reminder.

Peter said...

Oh yeah, that etiquette thing. I usually remember this when I have a hat on, but that hardly ever happens anyways.

You know what though, I forgot to take off my cap during one of the prayers at my graduation... Oops for that. But I remembered on the other ones.

Joe Fowler said...

The old man is very funny, this is a great way to make up for missing a week!

I empathize with the old guy, nice concept.

Adrian Ropp said...

An important lesson for all of us. And, as usual, it's delivered by a grumpy old man. Too bad we as a society don't listen to grumpy old men, eh?