Thursday, July 27, 2006

A stretch, but with good reason.

This is a VOLE. Common to both field and wetland... and, unfortunately, my house. My wife saw him two weeks ago (a whole other story) and I laid sticky traps. Two weeks, and nothin'. Then, last night, as I was on the phone I checked the pantry for a snack and-


So here is what I saw. Only his face was stuck to the trap and- well, maybe I'll tell the whole story on my own blog. Enjoy!


S.T. Lewis said...

I think this may be the last straw, Joe... time to move out of the swamp. I can tell you drew it well, because it looks like something I wouldn't want to find in my kitchen. Nice work, sir Joe.

Ken Chandler said...

Having had about a half dozen mice in my own kitchen, not long ago, I can relate Joe. Not nice finding a dead one in your living space, but better than a live one eating from your pantry. Incredibly drawn Joe!

Jedulous said...

JOe, you get better and better. If you keep this up, you can have Adrian's job too.

a wonderful evil vole. i love it.

Adrian Ropp said...

If my job is drawing voles, you can definitely have it!

Gag-tastic, Joe!

Brandon said...

Sick! I love it! It totally captures the expression the little creepy little critters have on their faces the minute before they strike the jugular-okay so they don't really go for the throat. No, no, first they crawl up your pant leg and then---Awe nuts! Your lucky man, lucky.