Friday, April 07, 2006

And now, a public service announcement...

I have not doubt that, somewhere, in some progressive children's magazine, the follow public service announcement appears next to an ad for Pokemon cards (or whatever's passing for toys nowadays.)

While I'm sure that there are studies that show interesting data about global warming, I highly doubt any of the evidence is conclusive.

Also, Shane cheated. I drew my polar bear first and he changed the date on his post to make it look like I was copying him. Boo, Shane!


S.T. Lewis said...

Your political statement is a lot to swallow, but I do like the bear. I guess if great minds think alike, then probably so do dumb ones. Also, sub-par minds steal part of Shane's idea. This is cool, though. I like the expression on the bear's face... and the font.

Swanimator said...

Don't you dare let the environmentalists get a hold of this picture. If I were you I'd sell it to General Motors for undisclosed sum in unmarked bills for them to suppress it. Funny gag and idea though. Nice and clean design.

Seth Hippen said...

I love the graphic 2-D-ness of it all, and the jagged lines and pointy nose. A polar bear that's afraid to swim is a great idea for a character too. Great job!

6 said...

I love this!
I love polar bears.. and the environment!

a hippie?