Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Obsess Much?

I think this guy would give the advice of taking your watch off 'til your tan line vanished... that is, if he could still talk.


S.T. Lewis said...

I think you've captured a key phrase from "Alice in Wonderland," which is, "Everyone's mad here." I hope that he's not just imagining those clocks, and that someone actually locked him up in a padded room that's full of clocks to fuel his mania.

I thought you said you weren't an artist, Joe. This is great!

Seth Hippen said...

And what have we learned today boys and girls? Punctuality and rabbits just don't mix. I''m glad to see he's doing much better now though. I love the insanity factor of the Alice stories, and I think you did a great job emphasizing it. I wanted to get more of that in mine, but it just wasn't happening. Well done, you.

Adrian Ropp said...

Joe, you continue to amaze me with your concepts. And now you're starting to bring it with the P-Shop skillz.

Okay, so is that Rabbit in a sanitorium in Wonderland? Because, if he is, who performed the lobotomy?

Great blend of humor and horror!

Peter said...

This has an awesome composition that really hammers down the "locked into the crazy house" feel. Very harmonious stylistic elements to support the disharmonious theme.

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Man this is funny! I want to put that level of humor into my work. Awesome stuff!