Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hero Profile: The Slug

When the razor sharp claw of injustice takes a swipe at all that is good and wholesome The Slug springs into action! Blazing a slimey trail, The Slug rockets to the rescue at an amazing land speed of two feet per hour. If you have a problem The Slug will be there! (Timeframe varies: Allow 6 to 8 weeks.)


Adrian Ropp said...

What a great first entry! I love that his occupation is "hero". Great expression, great colors.

Welcome to the TC!

Swanimator said...

Very funny Ken. I love the bemused expression on your hero's face. And the list of his attributes adds to the fun. I like your nice clean design as well.

Kactiguy said...

Nice Ken!

S.T. Lewis said...

He's so powerful! So I'm guessing he just decided to go ahead and get the logo tattooed to his chest? Sure, it looks great now - but it's just going to be saggy and weird about 60 years down the road (or "200 miles" at his incredible pace... if he never stops for a nap or a meal).

It's great, Ken... as could be expected. Nice work.

Joe Fowler said...

I went to your own blog, and I really like your style. Well done.

Ken Chandler said...

Adrian, Mark, & Guy,
Many thanks! I had a lot of fun with it, perhaps that made a difference. Something about slugs is either gross or funny depending on your experience with them. I think they're funny.

Shane, Actually the sign on his chest is a refrigerator magnet. Y'see he was screaming along (late for a date with destiny) and didn't see the staple on the road in front of him. Before he knew what had hit him he'd run over the staple which was instantly embedded in his chest, then, because he was going so fast (for a slug) he skidded into a half a dozen trash cans and their contents were dumped. An 'S' shaped refrigerator magnet in the garbage stuck to the staple. The Slug was born and destiny was fulfilled.

Thanks Joe, I aim to please. This is a really great topic!

What a great club!

Peter said...

Yeah, this club pretty much rocks any other club's world. Especially with so many great heroes on our side like The Slug... who I think looks really really cool. With the stats off to the side it reminds me of those pokemon cards I used to... er... little kids used to play with.

Seth Hippen said...

Hey Ken,

Glad to see you aboard. Awesome work. I love the blank expression, and you've made him cuddley enough to where I could actually see a slug as a plush toy. Well done!

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks Peter. Isn't if funny how as a kid that stuff was sooo cool, but looking back on it, we blush at our 'uncoolness'. Weird how life does that to us. Darned maturity!

Seth, Many thanks! Cuddly slugs... plush toys... Hmmm. You might be onto something there. I'll invite you up to the mansion when your idea makes me rich beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks guys, for making me feel welcome. This really is a great club. I'm excited about the new topic Seth, it's a keeper!