Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Man This sucks hard core. I'm gonna redo it.


Adrian Ropp said...

The Vandal is sure full of herself. She doesn't even wear a costume to hide her true identity. Toilet paper's a nice touch.

Ren. Man's great. I think it's his power that sucks. Maybe you should have called him Vacuum Man.

Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week.

S.T. Lewis said...

I was haing a problem trying to decide which of my superhero ideas I'm going to do... looks like you solved that by just doing two. I like them both, Jed. They're very different, but both very cool.

Man, you're good. Too bad you're going to fail our class for not going to the final or doing some of the assignments. Actually these drawings here should boost your grade to a high "D." So, good work.

Joe Fowler said...

Oh snap! That sucks about failing (nearly) your class. And "art", isn't that, like, the fun one?

And isn't Shane your teacher? Wow, sucks.

Oh, yeah, the entry is awsome though, don't redo it.

Ken Chandler said...

Jed, no need to redo. These are great. I'm especially fond of Renaissance-Man. Not sure what his super power is, but I love the costume and the pose. I picture him getting a lot of funny looks as he roams the streets of L.A. looking for sources of inspiration for art or prose. Like Adrian, I esp. like the toilet paper. That's a necessity when vandalizing.

Seth Hippen said...

These are great. Who says the Vandal isn't hiding her true identity? I think she's really a 50 year old dude. That's how good he is. And as far as Renaissance Man goes, I'm sure he's the reason our nation's Renaissance Fairs are by-and-large crime free. Except for the price of the churros; that's a crime. But I digress... Great drawings as usual!

Swanimator said...

I like it Jed. Great designs. I suppose when Renaissance Man confronts evil doers he immediately begins to write a poem while creating a giant fresco of the event and philosphizing about the psychology of the criminal mind.