Monday, December 11, 2006

Five Golden Rings

In the 16th century there was a samurai named Miyamoto Musashi. He wrote a book called "The Book of the Five Rings." It is one of the most read books on samurai life to date.

Anyway, I wanted to draw this samurai panda I saw on a desktop background more then I wanted to draw something Christmas-y. So here it is... the Panda Samurai Book of the Five Golden Rings.

At least it's snowing. I'm a nerd.


Ken Chandler said...

Sweet entry Joe! His expression tells me he's been tracking the man who killed his father and the new-fallen snow has obliterated his tracks. Now he's thinking, will he ever catch up with the 12 fingered man and exact the vengance he dreams of? Either that or he's thinking, did I turn the iron off before I left home this morning? Now who's the nerd? Great entry Joe, wish I'd thought of it.

S.T. Lewis said...

Nice panda, Joe... and nice use of the five golden rings. The song doesn't specify if there was a bear attached to the five rings one of the days that gift was given, and I always kind of hoped there was. Glad to see I was right.

Adrian Ropp said...

Cool, very Joe-ish entry. I'm glad to see you found a way to work another samuari into Toon Club.

Black and white animals are cool!

Blogerts said...

Here's five gold rings. Have fun gettin'em off the bear. Merry Christmas.

Seth Hippen said...

I'm always glad to see Joe's take on the subject. When everyone else starts to go left, Joe goes north. Nice job, Joe. I aspire to be so unpredictable.