Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa's Bad Year

Call me grouchy, but it seems like when I go Christmas shopping, there are an overabundance of unruly, apparently parent-less kids running through the store, screaming and leaving a trail of destruction.

So, I got to thinking that maybe Santa's "Nice" list has been getting a little smaller each year. In fact, most elves have probably been downsized. I don't know why Santa looks so upset in this picture... I'd be happy if I got Christmas Eve off.


S.T. Lewis said...

This drawing blows my mind... because how did the elves know all year that they would only need to make that many toys?

Great designs, man. The way the elf is standing is the coolest... and also the way Santa's holding his left hand. Very nice.

Joe Fowler said...

The elf's thinking, "If Santa's upset by the small list, he's gonna BEAT me when he sees this sack!"

Ken Chandler said...

Marvelous work Adrian! You've captured a perfect moment. I think you should make this into a poster and threaten bratty and obnoxious kids with it. "You're on Santa's naughty list, and he's skipping your house this year! (insert sinister laughter). Maybe some kids would straighten up, at least until after the New Year.