Friday, February 23, 2007

Add A Little Spice

I think we should add a little "favorites" blog to ToonClub, and at the declaration of a new topic everyone can leave a comment in which they vote for their favorite for the previous topic. I think it would be fun, and add another reason to check in with ToonClub. It doesn't have to be a competition so much as just a fun way to conclude each week. All the posts are usually great, but it's just a way to recognize the one that stands out for you personally. Thoughts?


Joe Fowler said...

I'm not that interested in making Toon Club a competition. I'm not a very competitive person, and really just enjoy drawing and admiring others people's ideas and work.

Just my thoughts... but I'm only a participant.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Perhaps instead of voting for our "favorite" or "best piece of art" we could vote on which post best expressed the topic...then it would be based on creativity and not the actual execution.

Blogerts said...

No, we must compete, then gather together weekly in tuxedos to hand out trophies!!

Yeah, that's kind of what I meant, Nathan... not necessarily "best piece of art". You can vote for whatever reason you want. Just whatever criteria you choose. If you think it's funny, or you like the layout, or the character design, or whatever. It's not meant to make people feel bad as much as it is to have another reason to check ToonClub.

Franfou said...

Would be fun to member of your club, if you need addional member let me know in my blog or by email ! visit my website to decide and let me know

:-) Franfou

Ken Chandler said...

But rather than Tux's we have to wear caveman suits (like Fred Flintstone), Toga's, or black robes that shroud our faces in darkness.

I have no feelings positive or negative about voting for the best, most creative, etc... I just do it for the fun of it. Keeps me from stagnating.

Can we vote people off the island...?

J Chad Erekson said...

the only improvement I think we could make is if we all uniformly post all our images either center or left. All this shifting my eyes back and forth is making me tired.