Monday, February 26, 2007

New Topic: Gladiator

Thanks for all the great posts last week, everyone! Remember, you aren't late until midnight on Monday!

This week's topic is: GLADIATOR!

So, feedback goes here: What was your favorite post this week?


Blogerts said...

Just to give a little taste of what I'm talking about with the "favorites" idea:

There were some really entertaining posts for villains, but I must say that my favorite was "Cereal Villains" by Bryan Beach. I loved the twist that brought in some childhood breakfast memories for me.

There. That was harmless, wasn't it?

S.T. Lewis said...

I'm also going to pick Bryan's Cereal Villains. I like the unexpected subject matter, and the stylization and colors and everything... just great. I actually thought this was a really good week for Toon Club posts... but I like Bryan's best. Take that, me!

Nathan Lindsay said...

It's true. Bryan ruled the week. I vote for him -especially because he pays attention to his line quality. Beyond the fact that his particular style is based on groovy lines, he takes the time to do an impressive (and fun to look at up close) drawing. Thank you Bryan for taking time on your entries and making them look professional.

Have I said too much? I have more.

Adrian Ropp said...

I liked Cereal Villians the best, but I also have to give credit to Nathan's deadly accuracy on the Gargamel post.

Peter said...

Maleficent gets my vote. I LOVE Sleeping Beauty, did I mention that?