Monday, February 26, 2007

Clarification for Voting on "Best of the Week"

Today I've discussed the idea of a "Best of the Week" vote with a few of you, and this is what the outcome of those conversations seems to be:

1 - The vote will not be official. If you don't want to say which was your favorite or you don't want to feel like you're competing or you really don't have a favorite, please just keep posting drawings like you're already doing. If you never vote for your favorite - no harm done.
2 - No winner will be announced. If you get more votes than anyone else in a week, you can print your own T-shirts or whatever, but Toon Club itself will host no parties or parades on your behalf. No one really wins... it's just a second opportunity in a week to tell someone, "Hey - good job."
3 - If you want to pick a favorite drawing for a topic, post your comment under the new topic for the coming week. Then everyone who wants to see a vote will know where to find it, and everyone who doesn't care can avoid it.

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