Thursday, February 08, 2007

Toon Club Collaboration

Take advantage of a serendipitous thought process, Nathan and I have decided to post our first collaboration here.


Ken Chandler said...

A landmark day for Toon Club. Nice colaboration. Very funny guys!

Peter said...

Yeah, it's hilarious!

Although, I kind of liked it when it was left up to the viewer to wonder if the seal were sincere or not.

Having the imagination bubble drawing in a more realistic style than the "real life" portion of the drawing reminds me of the way Bill Watterson draws Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin's imagination is always a more realistic style than Calvin's own world.

It lends itself well, nice job, guys.

sarah said...

Not much makes me laugh out loud at the computer. That's pretty funny.

B Beach said...

It was inevitable, perfect solution! Zepplin Rules!...errr ...a ...I mean -nice job!

Joe Fowler said...

That is hi-larious!