Thursday, March 08, 2007

An Eclectic Mix

Lumpy was more of a nemesis than a friend, but I think he'd haunt me if I didn't include him here. Lumpy is made entirely out of mashed potatoes, with the exception of his pea eyes and dark gravy tongue.

Lumpy is the starchy vegetable treat that chased me, horrifically, in my fevered nightmares. I'm sure if he had ever caught me, he'd have eaten me alive with steak and carrots.

Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese was actually my little brother's alter-ego. The only difference between Mr. Cheese and my bro was a voice like Froggy from Little Rascals. I imagine this is what Mr. Cheese would have looked like if he hadn't been trapped in a ten year old boy's body.
The Dragicorn
The Dragicorn is the magical half dragon/half unicorn that I used to imagine myself being friends with when I was playing outside as a child. I'm not sure what transpired to cause a dragon and a unicorn to fall in love, but their child sure was cool.
Freddy Frog
I created Freddy Frog as a comic strip in fourth grade, and drawing literally hundreds of comics about him and his adventures got me through some tough times, including moving to a new town in the middle of the school year. I debated posting him here, as he's very much still alive in my mind and I plan to do something with him eventually, but he is probably the best imaginary friend I ever had. There wasn't a notebook or textbook or coloring book cover or post-it that was safe from a Freddy doodle. He was a constant companion, and, trust me, he had some totally rad skills. (To quote my younger self.)


Blogerts said...

Very cool. I love it. 4 drawings in one. All of them great. My favorite is the expression on the Dragicorn, but I love them all. Very well done. Great color selection as well. I'd hate to meet Mr. Cheese or Lumpy in a dark alley.

Cuffe said...

My vote is for Mr Cheese, I can see him as a sidekick for your 'Scolder' character

Peter said...

Your brother sounds a lot like mine. He always made Cheese jokes. And what the heck!? I made up a frog called Freddy when I was a kid too! But mine was much more short lived and, unfortunately, didn't carry a laser pistol. I love Dragicorn's costume! Disney could make another Robin Hood cartoon with mythical creatures in place of the forest critters from the other one, and this would be Little John! As for Lumpy... Freaky.

B Beach said...

Great drawings all around, I really like the colors of the Dragicorn. Illustrator/Streamline approach? I like. Mr. cheese is my favorite, he looks smelly, and Lumpy is just gross. Awesome as always!

pamo said...

All these illustrations make me feel very uncreative. I don't recall that I had any imaginary friends. It looks like that's because you had them all! Nice work adrian.

Joe Fowler said...

I second Pam's complaint... save some friends for the rest of us!

Those are all very nice. I love the design you settled on for the M.P.M.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Adrian, nicely done. with this topic, I initially came to the same conclusion that imaginary friends are something of journal of one's life. Always changing. sometimes they are good and helpful, sometimes they get us in trouble, and sometimes they are just called upon to go destroy someone for us.

Ken Chandler said...

My personal faves are the Dragicorn and Commander Freddy. Though there's something to be said for food that can carry on a conversation while your eating it... or is it eating you? Shiver!

I hope to one day see Freddy Frog in a cartoon. He looks cool, and i you can squeeze the Dragicorn in too, that would be sweet!

Is is possible to see some of your original drawings of Freddy from yesteryear? I'd love that.

Ms. Baboon said...

This topic has really opened my eyes! I had no idea you had so many imaginary friends! I've seen Freddy before and I've heard the voice of Mr. Cheese, which is hilarious by the way, but I never knew about the dragicorn or Lumpy! Those came out of left field! Just goes to show, after 9 years of marriage, you can still learn something new about each other!

S.T. Lewis said...

Holy crap! Who knew you had so many imaginary friends? I had to make my one imaginary friend up, and you have a whole team of them. I like the Dragicorn the best, I think. He has a cute shirt. I don't know whether to praise your creativity or mourn your childhood... so some of both then! Very nice, Adrian.

GhettoFab said...

mr ropp,
These are ALL fantastic! Love the dragicorn! But all have so much personality! You rock!