Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Oh yeah, this game rocked. Punch this guy in the stomache, and he makes a great face.


S.T. Lewis said...

This is the coolest, Brett! I love the teeth... classic Nintendo "crosses" on those. The little patch of chest hair is disturbing. Looks great, and it reminds me of a couple of years of my life... full years... because I finally beat Mike.

Peter said...

Hey, I beat Mike, too! I doubt I could do it now, though. It was LOOONG ago... Ah, the memories. *Ding!* *Ding!* *Ding!* *Ding!*
Good times. I like how everything is kinda painterly except for the very flat bended gear-like mouth. Cool.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I never beat one character in that game...but I could do a sweet 180 bunny hop on my bike.

Brett, this is funny...and I love the chest hair.

B Beach said...

Gross chest hair, great character! I think this visually, is one of the best I've seen you do, nice job! Love the way you painted it. Nice tones and yes, the digital looking mouth is great. I was terrible at this game.

Ken Chandler said...

I always wanted to punch a fat gross hillbilly that could probably kill me with one hand tied behind his back, and get away with it. I never played this game, but stuck to "Adventure", "Grand Prix" and "Frogger"... games I could actually win. Love the modeling Brett. The character is cool-- his mouth says "HIT ME!". His mouth is bigger than his whole head. I love it!

Adrian Ropp said...

Brett! You da man! This is great! I could never play this game well but I liked to watch others play it and taunt them. Kids can be so cruel.

Great job, way to go above and beyond this week. I love the rendering you added, and those comical anime teeth kick it old school.