Friday, March 16, 2007


That's pretty much my average score.
And yes, that's an ostrich.

Okay, I lied-- dramatically-- but this is one of my favorite games of all time. If I could get an arcade game system that had Joust, Dig Dug, Xenophobe, and Sinistar on it-- I'd be a very happy guy. Or very frustrated that I can't beat my old scores.

Why they chose a flightless bird as the creature you fly around on I may never know.


S.T. Lewis said...

Awesome, Ken! I haven't thought of this one in a while either. Good work on the score. These character designs are a lot more refined than I remember them being... probably because they consist of more than twelve pixels. Great stuff, man.

Peter said...

Aw man! I was doing Joust!... I wouldn't be so upset about it if mine were cooler.

Nice job, Ken :D

Nathan Lindsay said...

This was one of my favorite games...I pretty much stopped playing video games after this one. Nicely done Ken.

Peter, now that you told us, the heat is on :)

B Beach said...

I remember Joust, but I never played it. The illustration looks great though, nice job and great characters!

Peter said...

So ya wanna play Joust? Midway is the company that owns Joust and they happen to have made it playable for free online at:

I came across this through wikipedia. Hooray! Free Joust!

Blogerts said...

I think this is an awesome weapon. I don't know why we aren't using this in our military today.

Very cool game, and very cool representation of it. Hurry and get that egg, before it hatches into a bad guy ostrich with a bad guy man on his back. (What laid that egg?)

Adrian Ropp said...

I think it's some sort of metaphor about how children turn against their parents in rebellion...

Either that or hatching bad guys out of eggs is cool.

Fun idea, Ken. The ostrich is the only thing I actually recall when I think about Joust... Great representation!