Monday, April 09, 2007

Bullwinkle in between episodes

You think this body comes naturally?


Peter said...

Haha! Nathan, this is hilarious! I wonder how he gets the headband on over those antlers? Or the shirt for that matter? I love the proportions, colors, textures, shadows, depth, pose, personality, and the tagline.

B Beach said...

You did a really great job here, awesome pose and funny idea! You always do such a great job with detail and texture, I'd be interested in hearing about your method and technique. Great work!

Adrian Ropp said...

So top heavy... How is he staying up? That must be some strong neck! Great one, N.L.!

S.T. Lewis said...

Really nice textures and lighting, Lindsay... this turned out great. Last time I saw him I think he had yellow pants. I love the headband. How does he get that on? I'd say over the body, but then there's still the matter of that giant nose. This is all just like the conversation we had earlier... remember that? Good times.

Ken Chandler said...

Excellent details Nathan. Funny idea. He's not the Bullwinkle I remember, but he's awesome!

Nathan Lindsay said...

"I'd be interested in hearing about your method and technique"

Layers. Lots of em.

...and magic.

and raspberry and butterfinger milkshakes.

One of these days I could do a little step by stepper of all of the methods I have been collecting from other artists over the years that I use in my process. I think the only thing that came originally from my own head in my art are the goofy looks I put on my characters.