Sunday, April 15, 2007

Super Grover to the Rescue!

I thought I'd combine two of my favorite characters on Sesame Street for my Toon Club Entry. Oh, who am I kidding? They're all my favorites. Super Grover always cracked me up (or was it that he always cracked up?), and Berts plans always seem to the be foiled by his roomie, Ernie, so I figured I'd marry the two ideas.



Nathan Lindsay said...

fun one. It cracks me up to see bert's uni-brow curve up when its usually down.

With his helmet (not shown), SuperGrover could have been under the gladiator topic as well.

Peter said...

Um, is Super Grover here to save Bert from a heart attack? Nice drawing, good clean linework and a great cartoon likeness with solid colors :)

Adrian Ropp said...

Excellent, Ken. Without the horrific violence, this could easily be mistaken for an actual page from a Sesame Street storybook.

And kudos for getting the words "Bert", "Ernie", and "marry" in the same sentence without causing controversy... Or did you?

S.T. Lewis said...

Very cool, Ken. You must have looked into some visual reference on this, because you even got Bert's shoes right. Nicely done!

B Beach said...

Great job Ken! I love the wood cut effect in the background, lots of emotion. Nice work!

Joe Fowler said...

The background is very cool, and I love Bert's hair!

This is a great idea and I agree with Peter, Bert needs an angioplasty right away!