Monday, April 16, 2007

New Topic Time

Great job last week everyone. I feel like I'm living my second childhood!

No reason to be monkeying around... I'll just get to it. This week's topic is King Kong.

Feedback for last week goes here.


S.T. Lewis said...

What a great week for Toon Club! It's been years since I enjoyed Sesame Street that much. Nice work, everyone... but I'm going to have to say that Joe's "Kid's Puppet Fun Time" was my favorite... it's an instant classic! I like everyone's, but it's hard to compete with Kert the Hetero and the gang.

There's some great stuff on Toon Club Jr. too. Hooray for Sesame Street!

Peter said...

I liked this week, too. My vote goes to Alligator King by Adrian. It's a real touching story of a kid making his daddy happy. And this drawing is a great representation of the characters.

I know I keep doing this, but stay tuned tonight for my Sesame Street drawing, I finally got an idea for it. I'll try to get King Kong done early this week.

Peter said...

Sorry, I fell asleep on a chair last night I was so tired. I'll still get my Sesame Street drawing done, but don't be waiting on me.

Nathan Lindsay said...

excessive video game playing can do that.

I loved Joe's as well...but I keep getting pulled back to Shane's...the movie lighing and the drama, and the fact that the marshmallow is already on the stick just waiting to be toasted is still getting me.

Blogerts said...

I loved this week. My vote goes to Joe as well. Those characters are hilarious. Well done everybody.