Friday, June 22, 2007

15 minutes flat

Screw those "I do a painting a day!" people!!! I drew AND colored this in fifteen minutes flat.

I was going to make up a poem to go with it, but instead, I didn't.

I posted this just to be consistent, now I'm going to focus on creating some good drawings since I've committed to posting every week.

Once again, no color.
SO, there was more than one request for a poem to go along with this beauty of a painting. Well, what kind of artist would I be if I didn't cater to the masses? (Lowly animation and illustration as they are)...well, I'd be a "Fine Artist" who, instead, caters to da masses. (Copyright Shane Lewis '07)
Here's my poem:
The angry beast rages from street B to street A,
All those houses he'll flail in a whip-snapping way,
He'll crunch down on bones for an afternoon snack,
About some he will say "I want more of that!"
So if you're in Seussville and need a good pounding,
Come over to our house and meet our pet Zounding,
He likes to play rough (in fact most never live!)
You'll be surprised at how little mercy he gives.
But our little Zounding, he's such a swell pet,
If another I find then another I'll get,
Then they can square off, as Zoundings are gay (as in happy)
But they're quite thermo-nuclear, so don't get in their way!


Nathan Lindsay said...

you have figured out the secret of life...and apparently I have been wasting mine. crap.

your shading is tremendous. the design of this character has never been equaled and those beautiful green eyes have captivated my heart forever.

B Beach said...

Is that a medieval mace on his tail?...Dangerous!!!

Ken Chandler said...

Way to be consistant Daniel! This is a great Seusian creature. A poem would have been great with this, sorry you didn't take advantage of that creative outlet. Very theraputic. Can't wait to see what you come up with next post! Glad you're back in the game.

S.T. Lewis said...

Those green eyes will haunt me forever... or until I go to a different site... or close the browser.

Adrian Ropp said...

No color? Are we all seeing a PHANTOM green in those eyes? Yikes!

The Mace-tadon ran from hill one to hill two...

There, I started your poem for you.

Glad to see you posting, Daniel!

Ken Chandler said...

Love the poem Dan! Funny stuff, I can tell you put some time in on it, so kudos to you for putting in the extra time on it.