Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where are they now?

I'm working on a full documentary right now.


S.T. Lewis said...

Hilarious! I love the drawing of current Smurfette, but I think I might like the "all boys" part of her bio even a little bit more. You had a good idea and made it a lovely, post-midnight laugh for me. So good work, sir.

Ken Chandler said...

Great idea Nathan, fabulous execution! Smurfettes 'after' picture is funny-- after 14 children there aren't many women that wouldn't look like her. Must've thrown off her thyroid. Really funny-- can't wait to see the documentary. I want to see what ever happened to Psycho smurf.

Adrian Ropp said...

I'm assuming from her location that she married Farmer Smurf... Also from the fact they have 14 boys. Smurf purists will remember that baby smurfs appear on their doorsteps during a blue moon... Either there is some geological anomaly going on here, or... Never mind, I don't want to follow that thought through.

Hilarious and lovely, Nathan! You captured Peyo's creation perfectly!

Reta Thornton.. Hahahahaha!

B Beach said...

Really great idea! Really. I love the design of middle aged Smurfette. This is like the smurf version of Tina Yothers! You can do a variety of styles, nice. Awesome work Nathan!