Monday, June 04, 2007

Chim-Chum the I.T. Guy


S.T. Lewis said...

Sweet Georgia Brown! I love it! I'm glad you got an I.T. Guy done... and shortly after you and Joe mocked me for saying Toon Club was dying. I can't imagine that's a coincidence.

I love that Chim Chum was called in to fix the internet connection and got caught up in FreeCell. I have that problem myself sometimes. Too many things to get done... too many games to keep me from doing them.

Very nice, Adrian.

Anonymous said...

Why are the animals on the wall wearing clothes, too?

Ken Chandler said...

Love it Adrian! This seems to be a common dilemna, though a funny one in this case.

Not to worry Adrian, Toon Club is far from dead. I had to take a break to catch up on some work that needs my attention, but I'll be back in the saddle before long. Don't give up hope my friend. All's not lost.