Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Final Count Down

"I've made a huge mistake."

Man, I love magicians!


Joe Fowler said...

Which is "copyrighted", the Disney character or the Arrested Development screen cap?

This is hysterical!

Nice work.

Adrian Ropp said...

I love the expression of Magic/Anger you've given ol' Merlin. And nice homage to the Disney character. It's more fun that a back of bees.




Ken Chandler said...

Merlin's awesome, and your drawing of Merlin is mavervelous. Way to go Shane!

Blogerts said...

I love this movie, and the TV show. I think you have an excellent idea here. Who will play the other characters?

Bloop Bloop Bleep Bleep said...

I don't think Adrian's on board, Shane...."You're selling BEES?...You're selling BEADS?"

Jed Henry said...

I am wondering if any of you make your drawings with a computer. Is there any freeware anyone knows about? Do any of you use photoshop? I think I asked before, but didn't get back to check for responses before the topic was deleted. Please let me know. Thank you. And seriously my name is Jed Henry too.
I love all your work.

Adrian Ropp said...


Everyone knows that all animation is done on computers now. Even the hand drawn stuff. Then it's printed out and painted on cels. And those cels make up larger organisms known as "filmed pictures".

For PC users, Paint is the best coloring program because it gives you that "jaggedy aliased" look to your art. Hope this helps.


Seth Hippen said...

Brilliant, Shane. Although I'm completely out of the loop on this one, I love your artwork.

A.J. Bell said...

Shane, I've never met you before -- I respect the work I've seen you do, however this character is so on model (I'm not trying to be mean but) I have to ask: Where's your identity?

Bloop Bloop Bleep Bleep said...

I think it's brilliant. You're great at blending two characters into one - two of my favorite characters - and you have such perfect perception of other people's work that you can recreate it flawlessly. Disney should be (and probably is) proud to employ you.