Monday, September 25, 2006

Looney Tune Style - almost

Didn't want to let another get topic get past me. I apologize for a recycled image. This is one of the model sheets from Faux Paw.

The idea behind Faux Paw was do make a "Warner-esque" cartoon. The biggest difference between our short and a Looney Tune is that the Looney Tune is actually funny.


Joe Fowler said...

I love the expressions, nice work. Plus, this is the only thing I"ve worked on you can buy in a store!

Go to

Adrian Ropp said...

Chad, how is the wound suppose to heal if we keep picking at it? :)

Ken Chandler said...

Nice squash and stretch. Wonderful expressions. I've seen parts of the animation, you guys did a great job!

J Chad Erekson said...

I knew they were prepping the books for the publisher, but I diddn't know they had came out. That's pretty neat. I'll have to pick some up.

And I hope that no one takes my "not funny" comment as sour grapes. I think there is humor where the subject allowed. It's just that Looney Tunes were made with the intent of making adults laugh, and Faux Paw was made with the rightfully unfunny and serious premise of protecting children from predators.