Monday, September 04, 2006

Special Surprise Topic: Back to School

To celebrate/mourn the end of summer, Shane and I have chosen a special surprise topic, "Back to School", for this week. Thanks to everyone for their great monkey drawings! Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter passed away today. Would you guys mind doing a little tribute to him? I know you guys are all animal enthusiasts.

Adrian Ropp said...


While we will support the members of Toon Club leaving tributes on their own personal blogs, we feel that it would be disrespectful, given the nature and genre of this Club, to base a topic on Mr. Irwin's exploits.

Halloweenville said...

Hey i may have posted this question in the wrong place - how do you join this club and contribue? please let me know thanks!!