Sunday, September 10, 2006

Monkey School

If monkeys ruled the world, they would be back to school now, too. (Sorry I was out of town last week). The teacher monkey is based on my 5th grade teacher who was not only inhumanly tall, but also a fierce environmentalist. I wonder if any extreme environmentalists would prefer the future depicted in Planet of the Apes over a continued human domination of Earth?


S.T. Lewis said...

It's about time the monkeys got some schoolin'. Nice combination of the topics... I had already started to miss monkeys.

Adrian Ropp said...

Ah, I see... I'm glad that monkeys aren't going to shirk on a good education. That means we'll get to see monkey colleges! Do I hear another topic calling?

Nice work, Pete.

Blogerts said...

I don't think the little gray monkey is buying this professor's propoganda, despite his reassuring smile.

This, of course, means he will be failing the class.