Sunday, August 12, 2007

ANOTHER Blue Fairy

It's the blue fairy.

Of course the challenge is getting the appearance of blue into the sepia tones.


Nathan Lindsay said...

awesome ken. I love the halo detail around the orb.

Ken Chandler said...

Apologies to Nathan for my scandalous remark on his entry. I seriously was joking around, but after thinking it over, I realized it was inappropriate, even among friends.

I also appologize to anyone who may have taken offense at my remark. I'll try not to let it happen again.

Your humbled servant,

B Beach said...

You've captured the Blue Fairy's beauty and charm in this piece. I noticed you even included that birthmark on her cheek. Great job!

Nathan Lindsay said...

ken, I'm touched by your can probably tell from the majority of my posts that I am very sensitive to sarcasm and, in fact, due to several recent comments directed towards me (both directly and subliminally)I have considered getting rid of my computer and never using the internet again.

S.T. Lewis said...

I love it! The Blue Fairy before she appears, in her "floating down to earth" state. Genius! And, as always, I love the background. Sorry I missed the whole "offensive" thing. Where was I? You're a good man, Ken.

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks for the assurance Nathan. Don't get rid of your computer, unless it's a Mac, then I'm willing to buy it off you for 10x less it's true value.

Shane, thanks for not being offended. I'm trying to be a respectable human being, it's this perscription Dr. Hyde gave me-- I think there's side effects.

Adrian Ropp said...

Very funny, very clever. The most impressive thing, I think, is that you now have seven comments about your glowing orb on a spotlight background.

You da man!

ailene said...

VERY nice! I like it. This looks like something I might be able to do... although I really don't think I could duplicate that orb... really nice... I expect it to keep getting bigger until it swallows the whole Toon Club website... :O