Wednesday, August 29, 2007

She's a what?


S.T. Lewis said...

That is a lot of forehead! This is hilarious, Nathan... great character. You've captured the flabby, upper-arm of an old lady with great skill.

(Also, I like the attention and care you've given your name and copyright lately... this one's the best so far).

Manuela said...

Love her skin and skirt :D She remind s me the film of Danny deVIto. Nice Style.


Adrian Ropp said...

What secrets is she agenting? I feel like what we're not seeing on the right is her dead bowling partner, who just picked up a 7-10 split. Granny don't play to lose!

What sort of horrible tangent have I gone off on? Sorry, Nathan. You deserve better comments than this.

HILARIOUS!!! (Your drawing, not my comment about it.) I give up.

Ken Chandler said...

I'd swear that's my Uncle Reginald in a dress. Too funny Nathan! That look says it all. And it's not nice.

Heather Dixon said...

This is fantastic! I'm geeking out about her arm. You've got the old-lady arm down perfect. And the pearls are a nice touch.