Monday, August 27, 2007

New Topic: Secret Agent

Great job on last week's marine life entries. Huzzah!

This week's topic is "Secret Agent".

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Nathan Lindsay said...

Joe's submarine and weapon drawings. I've never drawn a submarine before...and Adrian's hat.

S.T. Lewis said...

For me it's a tie between Adrian and Joe... because they obviously put more time into their drawings with their multiple characters/weapons. I also liked Seth's whale... even though it's still just in his sketchbook.

Heather Dixon said...

They're all pretty good...I'm gonna vote for Joe's, 'coz the weapons are cool.

Adrian Ropp said...

I definitely like Shane's character design the best this week... But I am blown away by Joe's sub... Careful, Joe... You've raised the bar for yourself!

ailene said...

I like Joe's submarine, very original!

I also like Adrian's happy whale family! It's just too cute!