Friday, August 03, 2007

Death By Vacation

I always love vacations, but I can't think of the last time I had a relaxing one.


Ken Chandler said...

I wouldn't know, I've never actually had a proper vacation. On my days off I just sit around in my pajamas and eat forbidden donuts. Oh, and I slip into a catatonic state and drool a lot.

Aren't vacations supposed to be relaxing?

B Beach said...

I have this exact same problem. I just went on an extended family vacation where there were 23 kids. At home there's only two, it's much more relaxing to stay home. Nice drawing.

Nathan Lindsay said...

love it. For some reason this makes me want to draw a suitcase dragging you across the floor.

...and what are you, picasso? The Shane Lewis grey period.

ailene said...

I suppose this drawing is of you putting your flip-flops back on after you took them off at the airport, right? :)

Nice drawing!

Adrian Ropp said...

I can say that I have actually seen Shane in this condition after a two week trip to a European country (Name Withheld). I laughed when I saw this! One thing, that suitcase he's dragging is actually about twice that size, so he is being modest.

Great one, Shane!

Danielson said...

I love the exhausting truth of it are not for relaxing, they're for playing. It's sort of like Conan's perspective on American Culture - enough time to rest when we're buried. Gruesome? Yes. Logical? Absolutely.