Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Puff the Magic Data Entry Dragon

Well, it turns out good ol' Puff's magic was a little hard to categorize into a specific "job skill." Stay in school kids.



Jedulous said...

Seth, is this based on some experience you had with someone at work? I like the detail with the lines. Nice varying thickness too. Are those dreadlocks?

Adrian Ropp said...

This could have also been a commentary about abusing drugs.

Great work, Seth. You really captured the look of the old '70's cartoon version... but in a very, very sad way. The idea of Puff having to fill out TPS reports makes me laugh out loud.

The worst part... Jackie Paper is his supervisor now.

S.T. Lewis said...

This is great, Seth! I love the swirling background... very 70's. It's very professional of him to wear a bow tie to work. I'm guessing he's in sales - strings, ceiling wax, and other fancy stuff. This is cool - nice work.

Joe Fowler said...

mmm, yeah, i'm gunna need you to move your tail back, we got some boxes to store in here, mmkay?

nicely done

Seth Hippen said...

Thanks guys!

I was just havin' fun with this, but I think it's great to see the stories starting to form so quickly regarding what the picture is all about! The varying lines are due to my nice new brush pen, and yeah, I think those are dreadlocks.

Artist Anika said...

Good message and an adorable image. I love the absolute desolate look on his face. You captured the emotion very well.