Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thar be Hooky and Tink

I took a cue from Shane and just posted the sketch. It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks, so this is what I can do this time. If I ever get color on the thing I'll replace this one.



Joe Fowler said...

If you ever color this thing, I may poop my pants. Very cool.

Adrian Ropp said...

Brilliant! Seth, it was so worth the wait! This is just awesome! You suck.

S.T. Lewis said...

Ah, Seth - beautiful as always! You continue to amaze me while reminding me that I have no business in art. I love it! You should color it just so we can see if Joe poops his pants. This is great!

Swanimator said...

I love the sly look on Hook's face. Very nice character development. I don't think it needs color to convey what you wanted to say. It's all there. But it would make a nice portfolio piece in color. (as long as Joe's not around to poop on it) Great work!

Jedulous said...

Intense! I love this! "I'm sorry this is all I could do coz i'm busy" my butt! This is great!

art stealer :/ said...

hello! so i've been searching for three hours for the original drawings of captain hook, and have found nothing. i did however, obviously, find this drawing.

anyway, i am making this silly little 'fanmix' for a community on livejournal, and i wanted to ask your permission to use this drawing for my cover art. i will be giving you full credit, and a link back to your collection here at toon club.

[i'm giving you my lj link so that you can reply if you wish to. i'm not sure how i'll be notified otherwise.]

thanks for your time! :]

[ahh! ps - i will not use it at allll until i get your permission.]