Friday, May 19, 2006


Boxer always seemed like the saddest part of the story. He works so hard just to be sold to the glue factory. I spent some time trying to get him to look strong, could have spent a little more on the gulible part.


Adrian Ropp said...


Maybe we should get together and make an Animal Farm movie for our generation. I love you Boxer, and he's one of my favorite characters! I'm glad someone thought to draw him.

Nice work.

Joe Fowler said...

I feel so bad about what's going to happen. You captured the anticipation nicely. I love the color, and the pose. Well done.

Seth Hippen said...

What's going to happen!? You mean about the glue factory? If we made it into a movie I'm afraid I could only watch it once, and I'd have to take a potty break around the untimely demise of Boxer. Good job, Chad. I like to see your sketch lines in there too. I always like to see the thought processes an artist goes through to get the final result.

Swanimator said...

Way to go Chad. Nice gesture on your horse. You can feel the tension as he pulls on the rope. Always nice to see solid, structural drawings.
I feel sorry for Boxer though. Can't we send in the Rescuers to save him?

Ken Chandler said...

Boxers tale was tragic. Glad you brought him to the blog. Nice work!