Monday, May 01, 2006


I was doing finals last week, trying to cram everything and finish all my projects, thinking there was absolutely no hope, and just when I was about to break a window out of frustration, Geek Man appeared.

"Have no fear," he said in a pinch-nosed voice, "I gan help you with all your final-ish needs." He adjusted his glasses and made the pose you see here. "I know how to build a computer, get a hundred lives in Mario Brothers, and I can beat Super Metroid in under four hours."

I scratched my head and said, "begone, yellow-caped man, I don't need any of that right now, I'm just doing this project and it doesn't even involve computers."

"Well, when you're done, come over and we'll play Smash Brothers. Up, up, and away!" And he broke through the window on his way out.


Adrian Ropp said...

A hundred lives in Mario Brothers? That doesn't sound so unnecessary to me. Fun idea... I like that his shirt is partially untucked!

And, since I seem to do it every week... Welcome to the Club, Peter.
(Sorry about that!)

Peter said...

Oh, but I DO feel welcome. :)

Seth Hippen said...

Hey, I think I've seen him before. In fact, I'm sure there's a whole clan of them around this building that I'm working in. Great job Peter! I hope finals went well.

Ken Chandler said...

Love the pose, the outdated hairstyle, the glasses, the button up shirt, everything about GeekMan says "Geek". Nicely done. ... and the story was a nice touch too.

S.T. Lewis said...

I think I used to make fun of this guy in high school. I wish I had known he was a superhero. I hope he doesn't come after me... I'd hate to have to beat him up again.

Nice work, Peter.

Artist Anika said...

You know, I do believe I know a few of these "Geek Man" superheros. ;)