Friday, May 12, 2006

Jungle Book Villains

At the end of The Jungle Book Shere Khan fights against Mowgli AND Baloo AND several vultures. That's a victory? I say even up the teams. How did King Louie never ride Shere Khan's back while using Kaa as a lasso? What are they, idiots? It was so obvious!


Jedulous said...

I'm first to post on Shane's entry!

I think Kaa gets the short end of the stick here. I mean, it can't feel good to be used as a lasso. And I'm sure there have been all kinds of other incidences. Kids using him as a jump rope. Plumbers trying to get him to unclog a toilet pipe. When will the abuse end?

J Chad Erekson said...

Fun idea, I like the simplified shapes on Khan. Would a team up have turned the tide? wait for the cheapquel
Urban Jungle Book 3

Adrian Ropp said...

Shane, I think this is a great idea. For the first time ever, I think Louie is more scary than Shere Kahn. And that's cool, because he's a monkey.

Kaa's sinuses must have cleared up, as he doesn't seem to even get nauseated from being spun around like a lasso. Great one, Shane!

Joe Fowler said...

Oh. My. Gosh. No words. No words. They should have sent a poet. I feel like my search for beauty is finally at it's end. I can now die... a happy and fullfilled man. I love this more then my own children. You are, AWESOME!!!!!

Cute tiger.

Ken Chandler said...

As ever a great idea brought to life by a master illustrator. Who else would have thought of it but you Shane. Gang'n up on the good guys, rather than trying to be the lone maverick bad guy. What a concept!