Friday, May 19, 2006

New Toon Club Procedure

Greetings, all! Shane and I have been talking, and have decided to make a small procedural change in the way Toon Club topics are posted. Everyone is still going to get their turns in the order designated, but we are making the following change:

1. All Toon Club members need to e-mail Adrian 5-10 topic ideas. (My e-mail address is listed on my profile. You can click on my name to the left and it'll take you there.) Then, Shane and I will post one of your topics, in random order, on the appropriate Monday. This is to eleviate some of the stress we've been having with not knowing if someone will be around to post a topic when it's their turn.

2. Throughout the year, especially around special holidays, we will pepper the topics with a few special ones that we have thought up for your enjoyment. This will not count as someone's turn. We just think it would be nice to have special themes for Halloween, Christmas, etc...

3. The order of topics is as follows: Adrian, Shane, Joe, Seth, Jed, Swanimator, Taylor, Peter, Ken, Guy, Chad, Hallettoon. We have closed membership invites for Toon Club, as we feel 12 is a good solid group. At some point we may start a second group, but please don't ask us to invite anyone else unless a spot on the roster opens up.

Thanks! Great stuff this week, especially from Makenzie! We are very pleased to have such a solid group of contributors, and we want to make this the best club it can be. Be sure to get those e-mails in a.s.a.p, especially Taylor! It's your turn next, T.K.!


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Peter said...

Oh yay! That means my turn's next week!