Wednesday, May 17, 2006

O Brother, What Art Thou?

Eventually the animals couldn't tell the difference between the humans and the pigs. Can you? Clearly I can't.


Adrian Ropp said...

Excellente! I think the pig is the one on the right. Or the left. Wow, you're good!

Nice color in this one, sir!

Jedulous said...

I like the whole composition. I bet the one in the clothes, however sophistocated he's become, still probably falls to the urge to wallow in his own mire. I know I do.

Joe Fowler said...

You said it yourself, you draw pigs good. Maybe you should leave yourself a comment then.

Nicely done, you have a very clean and bright style I love to look at.

Your drawing is nice too.

OH! Saw that one coming!

Swanimator said...

Clever idea. A pig farmer who is a pig. It's funny how in cartoons you can have things like a mouse who acts human has a pet dog who acts like a dog (Mickey and Pluto). And I know there's been a lot of other wierd juxtapositions in cartoons. Strange when you think about them logically. But it sure makes it fun.

Great designs Shane. I like the farmer pig especially. The background is nice and graphic too, like the old Warner Bros.

Ken Chandler said...

Gorgeous! Everything about this Animal Farm post is brilliant. Great work Shane.

Seth Hippen said...

Very, very nice! I love your colors, design, and your backgrounds as of late have really been completing your work. I gravel at your feet.