Monday, June 12, 2006

Alien Life Forms: Brothers

When I orignally thought of what I would do for this topic I'd imagined doing a really detailed sketch of a critter of alien origin; then this idea crept into my head and I couldn't shake it. If I get really ambitious, maybe I'll post another before the week is out. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


Ken Chandler said...

If anyone can guess which two sci-fi referances were borrowed from 1) a movie and 2) a Hanna Barbara cartoon, you'll get the coveted "You Watch Too Much T.V. Award". I've already got 2.

Name the object and the Title of the show or movie.

Clue: The floating ball is not one of them.

S.T. Lewis said...

For the first time in my life I feel like I don't watch enough TV. Actually I still watch way too much TV... just not much sci-fi. I knew the floating ball reference, though. Your eyes will deceive you - don't trust them.

Trivia aside, this is a great piece, Ken. I like the colors... it's very bright and cheery. As soon as I find out what I'm missing, I'm sure I'll like it even more.

Adrian Ropp said...

Nice work, Ken. I, like Shane, am stumped, though I'm sure you're going to marvel us with the answer at week's end. At that point I'll probably kick myself for not figuring it out, so thanks a heap for making me kick myself.

I love the whole package you've given us here... Fun design, great colors, whimsical feel.

Ken Chandler said...

Glad to see that you two keep up on the Blog. The Sentinels of Toon Club! Thanks for trying the T.V. Challenge. The referances are pretty obscure, so don't lose any sleep. Though Adrian, I'm a bit suprised you didn't get the Hanna Barbara referance. The kicking of ones self is not permitted in this game. I will let you know by the weekend what the answers are. Remember, no kicking!

Off the subject, I'm experimenting with my Avatar. I'd appreciate any thoughts.

Peter said...

So, is it not the graphic style from the Jetsons? That seems too obvious though. Anyways, with a title like "Brothers" it makes me think of how one is playing with a ball (sportsy brother) and one is fiddling with technology (nerdy brother) reminding me how I grew up the only kid in a family of five who played video games.

Ken Chandler said...

Sorry guys, had to delete that last entry. Sometimes I say things in my comments, re-read them later, and think-- What was I thinking? I appologize!

Peter, I can relate. I was one of three non-jock types, and spent most of my youth with a pencil and paper in hand-- though now that I'm older I wish I'd spent more time studying the masters, Chuck Jones, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, among others. Take heart, I'm learning from my mistakes. I'm glad that I have so many talented friends around me to learn from. You guys push me to work harder by consistantly out-drawing me in every post. No humility or brown-nosing intended, just the facts!

Thanks for playing my game guys. I'll reveal the answers tomorrow. Thanks for your comments.

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

I love it! Nice style, it makes me feel like I am a part of that family... nice work.

Ken Chandler said...


Okay guys, times up! Here are the answers to the mysterious Sci-Fi quiz. Contained in the Alien: Brothers illustration are 2 images that I borrowed from a famous sci-fi movie and a Hanna Barbara cartoon.

1) The Hanna Barbara cartoon is:
The object is: the green sculpture in the bedroom with the purple spines.

2) The Sci-Fi Movies is:
The object is: The little brown R/C robot. This one is hard to find. There's a scene in Stars Wars: A New Hope, where Darth Vader is walking ominously (his cloak billowing behind him) into the control center of his Star Destroyer. Buzzing through the corridor is a little robot (shaped simularly to mine) that buzzes past him out of the control center. Not sure why that caught my attention. Just a sucker for details.

If you guessed any or all of my questions, you deserve the coveted "You Watch Too Much T.V." Award. If you didn't, Congratulations! You have a life, and are a completely normal individual of high caliber and moral fiber!

Thanks for enteraining my whim guys! And thanks for your kind thoughts and comments.