Friday, June 16, 2006



Ken Chandler said...

I had a few minutes on my hands and did some more sketching.

P.S.) Happy Father's Day to all those who are eligable! June 18th!

Adrian Ropp said...

Ken, these are fantastic. I'm glad you decided to post again. Great personality coming through.

Hopefully there are no hidden clues in this drawing. I'm going crazy over the other one already!

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Sweet work Ken, I love the design for these guys! Where did you get the inspiration for these guys!? Awesome work.

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks Adrian! No hidden clues. I'm still laughing at your intergalactic Kong!

Thanks Taylor! I was surfing the web, and came across a site called: featuring the art of an amazing Illustrator by the name of Mike Kunkel.
I saw his stuff and thought, 'I need to loosen up'. My first Aliens post was kind've forced and it shows! The characters are kind've stiff. Then this morning I started experimenting with Aliens chose my two favorites and put them into a composition.

For sentimental reasons, I still like my first post, though it's flawed in so many ways- but I enjoyed playing around with the 2nd batch better.

S.T. Lewis said...

These are great, Ken. I can see why you wanted to go with this topic. I've always loved your ability to draw weirdo things from your head... and by "always" I mean since I met you in January. That's always enough for me. Very nice, sir.

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Mike Kunkel is the man! I had the chance to meet him at the 2001 comicon, I am a huge fan of his really loose style Ken, he has an animators rought touch in his drawings, I love it. Nice research.

Ken Chandler said...

Many thanks Shane. Yeah, I was kind've selfish when I chose this particular topic-- I'm prone to drawing weirdos-- when I'm just goofing around and doodling, monsters and aliens tend to flow from my pencil. What can I say, it's fun!
Has it been that long? Well, not long enough. You're a good man Shane. Glad we met. I'm a better man for it!

Taylor, yup, Mike certainly has a gift! I've never been privaleged enough to go to a ComicCon (having 4 kids will do that to your social life, though I'm not complaining!). Love that loose pencil style. It speaks volumes and rather quickly too!

Thanks for your comments guys!