Friday, June 09, 2006

Peg leg Smith

I didn't have time to do anything new for this topic but it was a fun topic and I wanted to get something in. I had this old artistic experiment hanging around and thought I post it. Hope that's okay.

Here's a little info about the subject:
Thomas L. Smith, better known as 'Peg Leg,' 1801-1866, was a mountain man, prospector, and spinner of tall tales. Legends regarding his lost gold mine have grown through the years, and countless people have searched the desert for its fabulous wealth.

During a pitched battle in 1827 with Indians, he took a bullet to his leg, shattering the bone. His companions, who thought it would be fatal, carried him away from the battle. Not having any surgery tools on hand, and in an effort to save his own life, Peg Leg Smith took a knife and began sawing away at his lower leg. Between periods of nausea, fainting and swearing at his friends, he managed to cut off his own leg. Smith survived and later carved himself a wooden leg and learned to walk with it, thus came about the name of "Peg Leg" Smith.


Swanimator said...

This isn't very cartoony so maybe I shouldn't have submitted it but his life was like a cartoon.

They have a contest every year in honor of old Peg Leg. It is the "Peg Leg Smith Liar's Contest" and the winner gets the title of "Greatest Prevaricator of All."

Adrian Ropp said...

Hey, Mark! This a great piece! Cartoon or not, I'm glad you submitted it! I love the shadow effect, and the story is horrific and entertaining!

Joe Fowler said...

Very cool drawing, very creepy story.

I also love the shadows, it looks as if the indians are climbing up to get him, but he's too busy lying to notice.

Watch out Peg!

S.T. Lewis said...

Nice, Mark. I love the drastic color and temperature change between the light and shadow. It draws extra attention to the shadow of the story he's telling. Nice drawing too.

Ken Chandler said...

He sounds like a real character, worth his salt- in story telling! Love the cross-hatching! An all around great piece Mark.

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

That is a nice detailed illustration, I want to start taking my work this far, it give it such a finished some great concept artwork that pros do.

Peter said...

That whole thing about sawing off his leg sounds painful. That whole thing about telling wild west stories sounds cool. That whole picture rocks.