Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Grocestapo

The Grocestapo is the elderly gentleman in the grocery store who makes his own rules and expects you to adhere to them... and enforces them when necessary. The Grocestapo is a jerk.


Adrian Ropp said...

This guy is always has his cart in the middle of the aisle, perfectly positioned so that no one can get by. And he's completely blind and deaf.

Love the design and color, naturally. You're gorgeous, Shane!

Joe Fowler said...

You mentioned you have a hard time with character design...

Not today.

I laughed so loud as soon as it loaded!

Very cool, the 5 o'clock shadow is great!

Ken Chandler said...

He's perfect Shane! That expression and posture tell all about this menace to society.
Thanks for the inspiration! Beautiful Shane! I mean, "It's a beautiful sketch!" Shane!

Peter said...

I agree, Ken, that's a beautiful drawing of an ugly man!

I love the roundness of it and the shading is perfect. Great job!

Blake K. Johnson said...

Nice work Mr. Lewis. Er sieht EinBiƟchien Hamburgisch Aus. Paus Auf du Junger!!!!

He's one of my fav's of yours on this sight.


Jedulous said...

great detail in the photoshopping. i love the liver spots and the glare on his head. man, look at that smooth melon! Something about him reminds me of scrooge mcduck.

Seth Hippen said...

A finely crafted piece! It's very smooth and clear. I bet you're a very clean person. If drawing style is any indication of your personal tidiness then don't look too closely at my stuff.

This guy's probably not so bad once you get to know him. My Grandad used to always say, "Growing old is not for sissies!"